Our goal is to develop youth spiritually, academically, and economically.  John Maxwell said, "When you invest in a follower you add, but when you invest in a leader you multiply."  We believe that by taking this approach, our ministry will multiply with good quality leaders.  Our Leadership Program exemplifies the Jesus model. Jesus spent time with many, but invested countless hours with a few.  This model of leadership has begun to change the paradigm of the youth in the Frayser community.  These young people are being empowered to serve their community, schools, and homes.  We believe that by investing in the lives of our leaders, we are investing in the future of this city.

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Teen Nyte

Mark 12:30 says that “you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength”, and this is what we seek to inspire our youth to do through our weekly Teen Nyte.

The all new Teen Nyte is the premier EXCITING event of the week. Middle School students (Grades 6-8) throughout the Frayser community come to play games, hang out, be challenged, and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a real and relevant way.  Teen Nyte takes place every Friday, 5pm-6:30pm.




Middle School Learning Center

Launched in October 2014, the Middle School Learning Center is a program designed for the students at Georgian Hills Middle School.  Sixth- eighth grade students have the opportunity to come together after school and receive supplemental training and tutoring.  The program focuses on reading and math intervention, as well as character and leadership development.  This isn't just your ordinary tutoring program; lessons are presented in creative ways through fun interactive activities and engaging games that really get the students involved.  The Middle School Learning Center program takes place on the Georgian Hills Middle School campus and is Monday-Thursday every week from 3:15pm-6:00pm.

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"Don't lose because of, WIN in spite of"

We believe that sports is a tool that instills healthy habits and positive behaviors in children. The sports programs of the Leadership Empowerment Center teaches discipline, self-control and leadership.  The Sports Program takes place weekly Monday-Friday 3pm-5pm during football season.  There is also a baseball program, RBI (Returning Baseball to Inner-city Youth), which takes place in the summer.



The Media program of Leadership Empowerment Center is designed to provide youth an opportunity to develop media production skills in music, video, audio, and computer-based multimedia.  Youth in the program attend weekly sessions, learning audio/video production and editing.